Gridlogics is a global patent solutions provider whose products and service are based on more than 10 years of domain expertise in Intellectual property management, patent searching and analysis.

Gridlogics flagship product Patent iNSIGHT Pro is in use by more than 400 users across corporations, law firms, service providers and even technology startups. Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a fully-featured patent analytics solution that includes powerful tools to import, clean and slice-dice patent data and finally generates charts and visuals as per user needs. Gridlogics launched Patent iNSIGHT Pro in 2006 which was adopted by over 40 organizations for patent analysis globally within the first 2 years from launch. Product enhancements and newer versions of the platform were rolled out in subsequent years as VizMAP, a visualization engine debuted in 2008 and was well received by organizations across verticals.

In 2012, Gridlogics launched PatSeer, a web-based global patent database with integrated analytics and includes 17 countries full-text coverage & 100+ countries Biblio data to rival leading databases (Approx. 38 million+ full text records in a database of 85 million+ records). PatSeer’s unique capabilities include Multi-dimensional (X vs. Y) analysis using great looking charts, custom fields, hierarchical categorization, Citation & Family Trees, Co-citation Analysis and a lot more. Further Patent Dashlets™ in PatSeer brings unmatched collaboration and dashboard sharing options that allows users within an organisation to collaborate effectively on ongoing patent projects.

Gridlogics also provides custom patent solutions to meet the challenges faced by Patent Departments in mid to large sized organizations. It has been the partner of choice for reputed global enterprises who have relied on Gridlogics consulting and custom IP software development services.With team members having strong background in data mining technologies and direct inputs from leading patent analysis professionals from the industry, Gridlogics combines technology leadership with deep patent industry expertise to come up with products that ease day-to-day challenges faced by patent professionals.