After years of buying shirts from big box stores and feeling a lack of creative connection between me and my clothes, I looked to top fashion designers for that custom look. It annoyed me that if I wanted that designer look I would have to overpay just for the name. In the real world, no shirt should be over 25 bucks. I found this to be ever so true when it came to T-shirts.

On the other hand, big box stores market whole clothing lines after social labels. I am not a skater, band groupie nor a poser. I am an individual with an individual style that is all my own. Then the idea came to me that I too can make stylized graphic short sleeve tees for myself and at the same time I could make that connection for other people.

All this disappointment in the status quo of fashion gave birth to Grimm Apparel were there are no labels just small runs of custom design t-shirts. We now have joined forces with www.cafepress.com to offer high quality apparel over the internet.

Grimm Apparel is dedicated to the Individual that thinks for themselves and wants clothing to match who they are.