Prepare to experience a new obstacle course race (OCR) that digs deep and challenges you to push yourself to new levels of physical endurance and strength fitness. Located in the spectacular mountains north of Los Angeles in Santa Clarita, California. Featuring amazing trails, punishing obstacles, killer hills, and epic panoramic views and an awesome race festival. Grab your friends and family, bring the kids, and get ready for the ultimate race experience!

Grit OCR is more than just a race. It's about the courage and resolve to push above and beyond your limits. Setting personal goals and crushing them, pushing yourself hard to beat the course and obstacles. It’s about the teamwork, friendship, and the awesome people you meet at the race. It's about making you a better and stronger person. You will become stronger!

Bring the kids to run the Kids OCR race to take on their own obstacle challenges in the fun course designed just for them. Ages 3-13. A great way to get kids off the couch and active, nothing inspires them more than seeing their parents as a role model pushing themselves to be better.

Learn more at GritOCR.com