At Groomed Home, we believe that taking care of your place should not be a chore. Space is not about your square-footage. There is no need to stress out about organizing paperwork. Cleaning doesn’t have to be agonizing. And decorating should not be a mind-bender.
Groomed Home is about upping your game. Or more specifically, one-upping your place. It’s about realizing that there are few real differences between you and people that control their stuff.
Do you remember that first apartment? Maybe you just moved into your very own.
Disorganized, disgusting, distasteful. It was pretty much a shame on all of us.
Groomed Home is here to inspire you to learn more, do more, live more.
We want to optimize your surroundings, declutter your stuff, and improve your life.
Housework is not about an antiquated notion of a housewife cleaning dishes and cooking dinner. Controlling where you live is being independent.
Groom your home.