GroSum is a Performance Management solution.
It helps CEOs improve employee performance, engagement & retention.
It provides a continuous performance feedback, monitoring & evaluation system.
It provides Performance Appraisal, Reviews, 360 feedback

With GroSum Performance Reviews, you can
1) Configure review process as per your needs – include self-review & moderation.
2) Choose from Industry standard KPIs as per Balanced Scorecard objectives.
3) Set multiple reviewers with weightage
4) Review Form Builder – Add sections & fields on your own.
5) Automate Workflow with scheduled alerts & reminders as per timelines
6) Set employee-specific Performance measures with weights
7) Normalize Performance scores & grade employees based on pre-set buckets

With GroSum Feedback & Recommendations, you can
1) Set feedback attributes by departments & reviewer profile
2) Let employees choose their 360° Feedback reviewers.
3) Seek feedback from Internal - Seniors, Juniors, Peers & External - Customers, Vendors & Partners
4) Combine scores with Performance review ratings to grade employees.
5) Automatically import LinkedIn recommendations & eMail feedback.

With GroSum Rewards & Compensation, you can
1) Promote/transfer employees based on Review recommendations.
2) Set Pay Raise & Incentive budgets
3) get automatic recommendation of increment & payouts based on linear optimization
4) issue Increment/Promotion/Incentive letters as per configurable templates.
5) maintain employee wise compensation structure with Incentive components