The Grover Law Firm is proud to offer experienced, effective legal services to residents of the Kansas City Metropolitan area. With license to practice in both Kansas and Missouri, Attorney Mark Grover combines small-firm personal attention with large-firm experience to provide clients with skilled legal representation.

Being charged with a DUI or a DWI can have a severe impact on your life and your future. In order to avoid significant fines, driving privileges suspension or jail time, it is important to take action immediately by contacting a professional and experienced DUI attorney. As a member of the nationally recognized National College of DUI Defense‚Äôs and a graduate of their signature program conducted at Harvard Law School,  Attorney Mark Grover of Grover Law Firm can provide you with the dedicated and experienced counsel you need and help protect your rights when facing a DUI/DWI.

When it comes to traffic tickets, it may seem easier to pay the fine without question, but do you know the impact it will have on your future? As your Attorney, we explain the repercussions that come with traffic citations and can often save you money by taking the issue to court. We also offer professional defense counsel to those who have been charged with driving on a suspended license and can help youavoid the most severe consequences and the life-altering results that follow.

The last thing you want to worry about in the case of a personal injury is the complex legal process that follows. At Grover Law, our goal is to provide you with trusted, effective legal counsel that gives youpeace of mind. We walk you through the process from start to finish by figuring out the appropriate value of your claim, evaluating and protecting your rights, and taking the issue to court.

Being charged with a criminal offense carries major consequences. Beyond the threat of incarceration, criminal offenders, if convicted, face both personal and professional challenges in the areas of future employment, financial loans, school applications and more. If you have been arrested and charged witha criminal offense or misdemeanor, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. Grover Law offers a free initial consultation and will provide the experienced defense you need for the legal battle.

Hiring a business attorney can be a crucial part to starting a successful business or even expanding your current business. Attorney Mark Grover has experience and the he ability to serve almost every aspect of your business including, incorporation, contracts, disputes and evictions.