Hemp Foods Australia was founded in 1999 by Paul Benhaim.

Paul had been asked to come to Australia in 1999 to ‘do what he had done well in Europe’. Paul had founded the hemp industry in the UK by being the first to create a commercial hemp food product. After many years that food product – the ‘9bar’ hempseed snack bar developed into big business with every health food store and supermarket chain stocking it. The bar went viral and spread throughout Europe and is today the leading health food product in many supermarkets.

Paul wanted to create the same in Australia, a place he loved and where his family was to grow. An application was placed into ANZFA in 2000 and, after one of the longest recorded applications for a new food, was finally approved as a healthy food in 2002, only to be turned down by the Prime Minister of the time – John Howard.

This was disappointing, not only to Paul, but also for all Australian’s who could not access one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods known to man.

Paul had developed relationships with farmers, processors to make hemp seed oil, hemp protein and manufacturers to produce hemp snack bars, hemp pastas, hemp breads and more.

Nearly a decade later, and Paul is still loyal to the Australian hemp industry having founded or helped begin a hemp seed oil producer, farmers, body care business, hemp plastics and even hemp building. His main focus the past decade has been in developing a bio plastic from hemp that led to a multi-million dollar business and may be the future alternative to oil based plastics.

As Hemp Foods in Australia is considered again, Paul has honoured his original vision and passion – to bring hemp seeds, hemp protein and hemp oil to the masses. This has led to Hemp Foods Australia re-opening it’s doors to offer you the most affordable and highest quality hemp food products on the market. Even when you can only officially use hemp seeds for your pets or to rub on your body.

Why not come and visit our Hemp Farm in Byron Bay and meet Paul Benhaim?

You may be part of the growth of the Australian hemp industry – a plant that can provide food, fuel, fibre, plastics, paper and building materials to the masses. From one plant that grows in 100 days you can buy hemp seeds and oil today knowing you are investing in the future of yourself and the planet whilst supporting local Australian farmers in a sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

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Paul's next project? Watch www.hempprotein.com.au coming soon…

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