Paying attention to the quality of food and knowing where it comes from is now more important than ever. The threat of GMOs permanently affecting crops, loosely regulated pesticide use, diminished labeling regulations and a crackdown on farmers markets and co-ops has made it ever more difficult to ensure that even the vegetables you are eating are clean, organic and healthy. GROW SIMPLE is the next step in the organic food movement, and a vital one. It is our goal to reframe people’s way of thinking and enable them to grow their own food. GROW SIMPLE encourages a low carbon footprint. No packaging, no shipping, no driving – just you harvesting from your very own backyard. The joys of seeing a plant grow and bloom, squash ripen on the vine, picking tomatoes still warm from the sun are ones that all can share, even in the city. Our aim is to provide this substantial addition to people’s lifestyles in a feasible manner. Choose what you want to grow from our carefully selected organic heirloom varietals and we do the rest, even installing a drip system so that your garden can continue to flourish despite the demands of a busy work schedule or travel. Our “one-on-one” consultation service provides information about the benefits of the food you are growing, instruction on ways to maintain your garden, how and when to harvest, and ideas for delicious and festive recipes.