“Growth Maxx Direct Store Rep (DSR)” found at www.growthmaxxed.com  is a program that takes the very profitable distribution industry and makes it accessible for the average Joe entrepreneur that both Presidential candidates are talking about supporting. From new products that need representation and sales and the stores looking for more profits and fast turning items “Growth Maxx DSR” found at www.growthmaxxed.com breaks through traditional problems created by distributors and a fragmented marketplace and makes huge sales and fast growth possible.

The program takes products and makes them available for their sales reps. These sales reps go into thousands of accounts and makes sells using the duplication by discipline system taught to all reps of growth maxxed direct store rep program.

These sales now are supported by national advertising and promotions and start to sell. This makes the accounts and the products profitable while the sales rep and growth maxx are all making more profits as well.

All new products are tested and approved by placement in stores and a panel in order to make sure the product is a good fit. The information from these placements is recorded and turned into a report available for all current customers and sales reps. The high turning great items are then placed into accounts because the sales from the placements have confirmed that the product can be a success.

The service aspect, where the accounts and products are visited monthly by a sales rep and orders are placed to restock inventory is what completes the circle for this program.