GrubPack.com was established in 2008 by owner Jeff Walker.  GrubPack is located in Dubuque, Iowa and manufactures a full line of rodent proof food bags. GrubPack will protect food carried by campers, hikers, backpackers, rafters and other outdoor enthusiasts.  GrubPack can also be used as an outdoor food cache bag.

All GrubPacks are made in the USA at their Dubuque, Iowa location.

GrubPack will stop most common rodents, reptiles and birds from access to outdoor food supplies.  GrubPack will stop mice, rats, chipmunks, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, marmots, snakes, ravens and other outdoor pests.

GrubPack is commonly referred to as a:
*Mouse-proof food bag / container
*Rodent-proof food bag /container
*Camping food bag / container
*Backpacking food bag / container
*Rodent-resistant food container

Common areas for use of the GrubPack are:
*Grand Canyon
*Washington State forests
*Rocky Mountains
*Death Valley
*New Mexico, Arizona, Utah
*Appalachian Trail
*Ozark Trail
*Boundary Waters Canoe Area
*Iraq and Afghanistan
*Canada and Mexico
*National Parks
*Anywhere food must be protected from mice to raccoons

Outdoor adventurer Jeff Walker established GrubPack.com after a hiking trip through the interior of the Grand Canyon.  Mice and other rodents were a constant problem.  Protecting his backpacking food became a quest for Mr Walker.  Research showed other mouse proof food containers on the market, but none met the light weight requirements for hikers and backpackers.  Mr Walker spent months field testing and refining GrubPack.  The result is the finest backpacking, animal proof, food container on the market at any price.

The GrubPack.com slogan is "Peace of Mind at an Honest Price".  The slogan reflects the primary selling points of the products. "Peace of Mind" is obtained in the way GrubPack is assembled.  It is built using stainless steel wire mesh, weather and UV resistant Velcro and other materials selected for superior outdoor durability.  The "Honest Price" is obtained by offering GrubPack at the lowest price of any similar camping food container.  To add to the outstanding value, all GrubPack orders are shipped free to all 50 states.  Discounted shipping rates are available for international destinations.

As of April 2014, GrubPack is available in five sizes.  Sizes range from a personal size ultralight mouse-proof food bag to a much larger, multi-person rodent-proof food container.  GrubPacks are available in three colors; white, black and high-concealing genuine MultiCam camouflage.

The GrubPack line can be viewed and ordered at: www.grubpack.com

For information: sales@grubpack.com  or   563-513-7660