A unique approach that differs from a typical business organization, Grupo BPO Service Cooperative was established to grow as a people-centric organization in the BPO and diversified outsourcing industry. We provide solutions that companies can help achieve better productivity and create a greater impact to clients and to its worker-partners.

Based in Manila, Philippines, Grupo BPO provides a wide range of BPO and diversified outsourcing services to clients that see outsourcing to the Philippines can benefit their business regardless of shapes and sizes. Grupo BPO offers flexible delivery models with innovative deal structure that can help you easily start and scale your business operations.

Grupo BPO consists of entrepreneurs, managers and worker-partners joined to clients in areas such as human resources, IT, knowledge process, marketing & sales, accounting, engineering and back office support.

Under HR Outsourcing, these are the services we offer:

Offshore Staffing Services
The vast pool of linguistically diverse talents available in the Philippines allows companies of all sizes to start a team and eventually grow to an offshore organization. The difference between the typical outsourcing model and offshore staffing is clients gain a high level of control.

IT Staff Augmentation
An outsourced staffing service which mainly focuses on leveraging IT resources critical to delivering projects in the technology industry.

Payroll Outsourcing
One of the main drivers of outsourcing HR payroll for business owners is headache of managing such responsibilities. In additional, hiring additional personnel and scaling resources such as acquiring or upgrading and maintaining accounting software can be costly. Grupo BPO provides end-to-end payroll services to companies of all sizes for HR payroll, benefits and tax remittances and also annual services.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Grupo BPO was established from a background with decades of experience in the recruitment industry for the domestic and international market. When the outsourcing industry in the Philippines started to grow, it also took the opportunity to offer RPO services to SMEs and staffing agencies.