Who is GST Malaysia? GST Malaysia is the No 1 website that offers Online GST Courses, GST Seminar, GST Training, GST Workshop in Malaysia. Based on GST Customs (Kastam) Guideline, Custom Guide, GST Bill (Malaysia GST Act). GST Malaysia website is www.gstmalaysia.org

GST Malaysia is the FIRST training firm that started the FIRST online GST courses in English and Cukai GST course in Bahasa before the Malaysian Government announced to implement GST. GST Malaysia is also the FIRST in Malaysia to have a dedicated video channel on Youtube to educate and share on information about goods and services tax in Malaysia.

On 10 Feb 2014, GST Malaysia officially launched Malaysia's GST Accounting Course in Kuala Lumpur. The course caters to people from accounting, finance, tax, audit, logistics and IT. It is the FIRST and ONLY Accounting for GST course in Malaysia. The GST Accounting Seminar covers GST accounting entries and how to prepare accounts and financial statements and more.

Some tax guides use the term “Accounting for GST” to mean “Filing GST return” or paying GST on submitting the tax return to the GST Customs Malaysian Tax Department. It is NOT accounting or bookkeeping for purpose of preparing accounts and financial statements, which is what is offered by GST Malaysia in the GST Accounting course.

A business has two responsibilities. Number one is to pay and claim GST correctly from the tax dept. The problem is under-payment of GST will get you fined by the tax authority. Over-payment will cause cash flow problems.

Number two is to prepare accounting records and accounts properly. The problem is without knowing how to do it right can result in errors in accounting records and high audit fees. Improper accounting records may cause the tax authority to lower or delay the GST refund to GST-registered companies. This can cause cash flow problems to the business.

GST is not income tax. The treatment of GST is different from accounting for income tax or sales and service tax. GST never enters into the income statement. Including GST taxes as part of expenses in reporting the income statement would cause serious accounting or audit issues. This GST Accounting Course is for serious business owner and manager.

Besides this "Accounting for GST", GST Malaysia also offers training on “What is GST”. The "What is GST" Seminar provide important guide to implement GST, register GST in Malaysia (and more...) to industries. This is the foundation to preparing goods and services tax properly in Malaysia. Anyone with basic knowledge on GST will learn new and important GST information that one did not know before and can help pay less GST tax. This is suitable for business owner, director and manager.

Besides the public GST Training Seminar, GST Malaysia also have GST Training Workshop on goods and services tax in-house for company as a group, at the company’s office or GST Malaysia training centre in Kuala Lumpur.

GST training cost is claimable from government under HRDF. Are you prepared for GST 2015. For more information, please contact GST Malaysia email at info at GST Malaysia dot org.

The GST training courses are based on guides issued by the GST Customs Malaysia (GST Kastam) and GST Bill (GST Act). The guide issued by GST Custom (Kastam) are many and a person new to GST may find the information over-whelming. It is advisable for a business or company that implement GST for the first time to learn from an experienced GST Malaysia trainer who can simplify the learning process.

GST Customs Malaysia is ready with its online system for GST tax submission, GST payment and GST refund. GST Custom Malaysia has a GST penalty calculator on its website to deal with under payment of GST tax. A GST registered business or company must also do the same to put in place the correct GST recording process and system required by GST Customs Malaysia. GST Custom Malaysia is getting ready. Malaysian businesses must get proper accounting records in place as GST Custom Malaysia (Kastam) places importance of this. Are you ready for GST Customs Malaysia?

Why choose GST Malaysia as the GST Trainer? GST Malaysia offers the FIRST and ONLY GST Accounting Course in Malaysia. Reason number two, GST is new in Malaysia. No other speaker or trainer in Malaysia has hands-on practical experiences in both GST in Singapore and VAT in the UK.

GST Malaysia will bring GST training to Malaysian states: Penang, Johor, Selangor, Melaka, Terengganu, Kelantan, Perak, Kedah, Sabah, Sarawak, Seremban, Pahang. GST Malaysia seminar or in house GST workshop for your company? Have questions on GST training? Visit FAQ page on GST Malaysia seminar on the GST Malaysia website at www,gstmalaysia.org.
Written by Mary who went to the GST Seminar and wants to share the benefits of the GST training with other Malaysians. Contact information: 03-50219302 / 03-21169689. Website: http://www.gstmalaysia.org/