Many restaurants, bars, hotels and motels offer free wireless Internet for guests, or charge guests for Internet service. Guests and travelers make reservations based on Internet availability because they have gadgets that use wireless Internet: iPhones®, iPod Touch®, laptop computers, and Blackberries®.

Our products help you provide your guests with a branded Internet experience that can promote your business and can optionally make you money by charging for access.

We manufacture hotspot gateway products that provide managed Internet access for guests... economically

   * Our low cost products are tough, reliable and very simple to install
   * Choose to provide free Internet or charge guests for the service
   * You can brand your Internet service with our easy to use wizard
   * Use the Internet service to advertise your products and promote your business
   * You can control Internet access to prevent abuse of the service
   * Generate Internet usage and revenue reports

The GIS-R2 Internet hotspot gateway is used by many different businesses that offer Internet access to the public. The GIS-R2 provides all the features needed to install a public hotspot, including a fully customizable login page access codes.