GuestMetrics, LLC is revolutionizing how the hospitality industry operates. Despite the dawn of the Digital Age having begun more than three decades ago, the hospitality industry essentially functions the same way it did centuries before. GuestMetrics has cracked the code, turning billions of raw transactions into intelligible data that is fundamentally transforming the business operations of everyone from the independently-owned bar/restaurant on the corner, to multi-national chains, to the food & beverage companies that supply them.

There are nearly a million hospitality establishments in the United States, with close to 80% of them being independently owned. GuestMetrics is gathering data from tens of thousands of these locations.  Unlike grocery and drug stores, bars and restaurants do not have UPC codes on the products they sell. Almost every establishment has its own system for capturing the drinks and food items it sells at the point-of-sale (POS), with nearly an infinite number of abbreviations and mis-spellings. Earlier attempts by other ventures to pull together digitized check-level data from bars and restaurants have failed because simply pooling together “big data” in its raw form yields nothing more than raw noise.