Schwarzmeier GmbH Neue Medien ist a media agency situated in Munich, Germany. We own several websites, like e.g. www.guide-to-bavaria.com/index.php?language=en. We also do website creation and SEO, especially for companies in the tourism sector, in facility management and in the construction industry. In addition to our online activities, we also create image videos.

Schwarzmeier GmbH Neue Medien has been a pioneer in the online business with experience since 1993 when we started our first professional website. Ever since we have been on the pulse of the World Wide Web and all media and services which complement it.

Schwarzmeier GmbH Neue Medien
Kleinstrasse 5
81379 Munich, Germany
Phone: (0049) 89 - 7199 8193
Fax: (0049) 89 - 748 79 822
E-Mail: info@schwarzmeier-medien.de
Company website: www.schwarzmeier-medien.de/index.php