Based in Austin, TX, guide2style.com provides a first-of-its-kind solution to a question that women ask themselves every day: "What should I wear?"  The site uses body, color and style profiles to provide automated, detailed, event specific fashion advice with the goal of optimizing her appearance by making her look taller, thinner and more proportionate, as well as ensuring the garment colors complement her hair, eye and skin tones. Going far beyond typical short descriptive advice such as "Wear black to look slimmer," guide2style utilizes over 150,000 rules of style to generate extensive details on how to achieve the best look for a particular event, whether casual, formal, or in between. Then, by searching the feature details of over 10,000 garments available for purchase from online retailers, guide2style.com offers suggested apparel that best matches the advice and makes them available for instant shopping.