Guitar Squid began with an innocent meeting between a guitar and a squid at a bar. They toss a few back and before long the conversation turns to each ones' strengths and weaknesses. The guitar is enamored with how the squid can use its many tentacles to reach and grab things from far and near with ease. The squid is impressed with how many bad-ass, bizarre, and bitchin' stories there are about the guitar. As the night draws to a close, and the bartender signals last call, the guitar and the squid share a cab. The guitar invites the squid upstairs to talk more, maybe have coffee. Or dessert. Before you know it, they're getting it on.... the internet.

Nine months later, this website was born. Combining the two seemingly disparate entities' strengths, the squid's reach and the guitar's buzzworthiness into a website that pulls all of the guitar news you can stomach into one convenient and hilarious source.

But that's not all. The magical union produced a surprise: visitors of the site could actually submit their own stories, creating an ever-growing and expanding network of tentacles to bring together more than the squid could have ever done alone.

So we're glad you're here. Lurk or comment. Read or submit. Whatever you do, we're happy to share this special moment with you.