Youtuber Travels to the Gulf to Video the Conditions

Los Angeles, CA. - Cravatt Productions owner, Marguerite Cravatt, MA, will leave the comforts of her Los Angeles home to travel to her hometown on the Gulf Coast - Pensacola, Florida.

Marguerite and a small crew will travel by car on Interstate 10 and will video interview anyone who wants to speak out about the Gulf Crisis.  The videos will be uploaded to their youtube channel.  Everyone is invited to follow the journey to New Orleans then to Venice, LA. the epicenter, and the along the Mississippi coast to Gulfport and Biloxi then on to Pensacola.

When asked about the purpose of the journey, Marguerite responded, "The Gulf Coast iss my home.. I want to see the devestation for myself.  Traditional media is limited by political correctness whereas the youtube audience is not.  The youtube audience has greater freedom.  Political correctness is the death of creativity and free thinking. The youtube commentators speak their minds in their own way with their own words and without too much concern for niceites or political correctness.  I hope to offer a forum for free thinkers and anyone who wants to participate an opportunity to speak out and be heard."

To learn more about Marguerite and the Gulf Coast Journey visit her website or go to facebook, youtube, or twitter and type in gulfcoastjourney.