About Us

Gulpfish, Inc. is designed to allow the job seeker and the employer to easily navigate  the complex world of on-line career search.  We are a private non-shared database of job seekers and employers.   The site is dedicated to delivering an organized, accurate and personal experience between employers and job seekers.  All job seekers and employers are registered users of gulpfish.com.  We do not post job seeker's resumes on other web sites nor do we link external jobs from other career search web sites.

We own the internet's only Intuitively Dynamic Search Platform.   Our Patent Pending Dynamic Search Platform enables users to perform all search and communication functions from one web page eliminating both frustration and countless clicks to achieve a desired result.

Due to the Gulf of Mexico oil Spill,  Project Gulpfish was initiated.  We have created a portal where people that are looking for oil spill jobs or any job related to the oil spill, can easily find employers that have created a job post pertaining to the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

How we are different
In addition to posting and creating resumes and cover letters, job seekers are able to present their Video Bio, Photo, Personal/Professional Bio, and Portfolio containing video, audio, and photo files, as well as participate in on-line audio/video Interviews and communicate directly with employers through an internal messaging system.   Registered job seekers of gulpfish.com are able to hide all contact and personal information from employers until they receive an internal contact request message giving you unparalleled privacy and security.

All job seekers and employers are pre-screened, ranked, and prioritized ensuring accurate and relevant results with every search.    Job seekers and employers will see their rank in our database in their career field against all registered users in the state where they are from. Your ranking number will be the order in which you appear in the search results.

Intuitively Dynamic Search Platform (DSP)

The DSP is a visually enabled search platform which allows users to perform all of the following functions from a single web page:

   * Search for candidates & jobs
   * Send and receive messages
   * Participate in on-line interviews
   * View & schedule on-line interviews
   * View candidate & employer ranking
   * View Top 5 candidates & employers
   * View saved & inbox candidates & employers
   * Priorities and rank results in- saved & inbox
   * Request contact information

   * View resume & cover letter
   * View Video Bio & Personal Bio
   * View Portfolio
   * View Photo
   * View employer's job post
   * Send resume with profile
   * Send online application
   * Live help support
   * Print candidate's profiles