Gumshoe is an automated transcription and search indexing service. We leverage award winning Artificial Intelligence and combine it with our proprietary software to offer you the best automated transcription and indexing experience, for a fraction of the time and price of traditional transcription services.

Our transcription and indexing service is extremely fast. You'll get results over 10x faster than other leading transcription services. Our service also offers about 95% accuracy (for clear speech). If 95% accuracy isn't good enough, the user can easily tweak the transcript with with our easy to use editor.

While our service can be used to transcribe any audio file, we primarily cater to podcasts. Our goal is to help podcasters get discovered more easily. In order to do that, we've not only given them the ability to turn their great audio content into more SEO friendly text but we allow them to download their transcripts as html so that they can add the markup to their website.

Along with allowing the podcaster to download the transcript from each episode, we also archive and index each and every episode. We expose this search index via a Google like search experience. This enables the podcaster and/or their audience to search through the archive of episodes.

Come find your words at https://www.gumshoemedia.net