Align your Shot Gun

Gunfit is an innovative device designed to aid in the selection of a shotgun for both beginners and experienced shooters alike. This simple device can be used for checking the stock cast, checking the stock height and taking your personal stock measurements. It is also ideal for setting comb raisers, correcting bad gun mount and aligning stocks with adjustable heel plates.

Gunfit is simple to use and equally important - it works!
Bert Carlisle, Chairman of Northern Ireland Board, Countryside Alliance.

Below are some common problems when selecting a shotgun.

     Seeing too much rib – stock too high
     Don’t see any rib – stock too low
     For the right-hand shooter*: See up the right side of barrels
     – too much cast
     For the right-hand shooter*: See up the left side of barrels
     – not enough cast
     Centre bead does not line up with fore sight – cast not suitable

           *opposite for left-hand shooters

Alignment Tool
Clay pidgeon

correcting bad gun mount