Gurushala is a platform for students to allow an access to the interactive multimedia based courses, curriculum based academics K‐12 courses (CBSE, ICSE and State Boards) including Life skills and Personality Development Courses. With Online Smart Classroom you can facilitate your students to continue their learning from anywhere anytime at their pace on their convenience. Helps in reviewing the lecture sessions as and when needed. Learners too can view content at their own choice post class hours.

Key Aspect of the gurushala:
Gurushala works on three aspect of learner to ensure the all round development of a learner in order to make them good to great.
1.     Academic:
2.     Grooming:
3.     Skill Development

Unique, Innovatory and effectual learning tools:
1.     Gap Analyzer:
2.     Learning booster:
3.     Assessment & Examination:
4.     Track your Learning: