Gutter Genius LLC was founded in 2006 in Richmond, Virginia to offer affordable, high quality, solid metal gutter protection to homeowners and commercial property owners at a fraction of the cost of our branded competitors.  Gutter Genius is a full service gutter franchise operation, with independently owned operators in various markets across North America.  Each Gutter Genius operation is owned and managed locally, but all operations share a common vision . . . to become the most recognized brand of gutter protection in North America.
  Gutter Genius offers a full range of repair, replacement and improvement services to its customer base.  We clean, polish, repair, replace and protect residential and commercial gutters.  We also install and service rain harvesting systems ranging from simple rain barrels to complex underground water harvesting and filtration systems.
 Gutter Genius is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an "A" rating.  Each of our operators is licensed and fully insured.  We emphasize safety, quality, and training in every aspect of our business.  Our focus is on amazing our "Raving Genius" customers with our quality, our services, and our pricing each and every day.