Installing the guttering

There is a variety of material to choose from when you need to fit a guttering to your shed/ summer house, log cabin, porch or terrace overhang. Zinc guttering often requires soldering of connectors. Not an easy job for many do--it-your-selvers. When buying guttering at DIY stores, having to go back because you are missing a component is certainly not an exception. Often these gutters need to be glued per connector. It is easier and more beneficial to buy your plastic gutter kit with (www.guttering-expert.co.uk). These gutters have connectors with rubbers, suitable for do-it-yourself installation. Plus plastic guttering has an excellent durability. Each all-in-one gutter kit includes instructions for the proper installation. On our website you can choose from 2 half round gutters and 1 square gutter, available in 5 different colours for 6 different roof types. Top rafter brackets can be used in case your shed/ summer house, log cabin, porch or terrace overhang is not equipped with a fascia board, or in case of overhanging roof. These top rafter brackets can be fitted to or under the roof. In addition, a rain diverter can be fitted to the round downpipe if you have a water butt. The rain diverter directs the rain water to the water butt. When the water butt is filled to the brim, the rain diverter drains any excess rain water back to the round downpipe for the water to be drained to the sewage.