Gwen Design Company
Gwen Design is a French company implemented in China since four years, based in Hong-Kong and Shanghai, we provide creative services to our partners with a team of multinational designers. We combine international perspective, French style management, unique expertise and localized process.关志文创意设计是一家在中国成立了4年的法国公司,有香港和上海两个办公室。我们和公司其他国度设计师团队一起创做。我们凝聚着国际视界、法式风格操作,独特见解和地域程序。
We are specialized in the development of an exclusive service in terms of our partners’ needs: "The Global Design Management". This global creative system combines our three expertise’s "Interior Design", "Product Design" and "Branding" with a complete project management from the creation to the production.
More than a Global Design Management office, we provide creative expertise in industrial design and manage your innovation process until the completion of the product development.
Since 3 years Gwen Design also develop its own collection of furniture and accessories, symbols of a new "Contemporary Chinese Lifestyle". Based on the cross of cultures, our leitmotiv is to provide a diversion on the existing codes and signs of the Chinese heritage. Come to experience our design in our Shanghai store.

Tel: 021 5175  2773
Address :No.751 Yi Chuang RD E Warehouse Room E2-01Pu tuo District Shanghai
Email box: gwen@gwendesign-china.com