The TOUGH Spot's extreme fitness training methods are set to revolutionise the local Fitness Industry

The TOUGH Spot is about as far removed from the urban gym that most of us are used to as it's possible to be. Where most gyms are now seen as sanitary, almost trendy places to socialise while getting in a little exercise, The TOUGH Spot is about getting down and dirty while taking your training to the absolute maximum.

Picture Rocky punching carcasses, or, if you're not familiar with Rocky, the Commando from the Biggest Loser driving his charges to the point of exhaustion, and you're starting to get the right idea. After all, this is an Industrial themed fitness centre that boasts Fitness Regimes called 'Caveman Training' and 'Gasmask Training'. And they work.

Australian Light Middleweight Champion Tyrone 'Cyclone' Tongia, and 3 time World Kickboxing Champion Ian Jacobs have used Caveman Training to get their bodies into peak physical shape before important fights, and now the TOUGH Spot's owners Taco Fleur and Anna Junghans (who is also the head trainer) want you to witness the gym for yourself.

   *  Pulling heavy sandbag with rope
   * Medicine ball slams
   * Medicine ball tornado slam
   * Kettlebells
   * Tyre pushes
   * Tyre pulling
   * Tyre flipping
   * Rope climbing
   * ToughRopes™
   * Olympic bar lifting
   * Lifting logs
   * Farmer walks with jerry cans
   * Cycling with gas mask on
   * Running up the stairs with gas mask on
   * Running up the stairs with weights
   * Pull ups
   * Monkey bars
   * Medicine ball sprawls
   * Slosh pipe workouts
   * Bear crawls with resistance tubing
   * Tyre pulls with harness
   * Hitting tyres with sledgehammer
   * Machine circuits
   * Boxing for fitness (Box Till U Drop™)
   * microfitness®
   * Caveman Training®
   * Suspension training (TRX)
   * And much much more…