For a long time working as a fitness instructor I watched as beginners make the same mistakes. For many it was a reason to quit training without getting the desired results. So I decided to start a blog, which tells about the simple principles of training and fitness equipment that can be used at home. We collect information from colleges, professional equipment vendors. This allows us to objectively evaluate the currently popular models of equipment and give recommendations on their choice and more profitable purchases.

To quickly and easily navigate the names and purposes of the training equipment, we have prepared a separate guide. In it you can find a brief basic information about the purpose, the average cost of the equipment. For convenience, in addition to the online version of the generated PDF guide.

Our team includes 4 fitness instructors, doctor, 3 fitness equipment salesmen. When discussing each new topic for a page on our website, we also take into account information and feedback on manufacturers websites, discussions in forums and social networks. We clarify the questions in detail and only then prepare the content.

All this information allows not only to train more effectively in the gym. Our readers can purchase affordable equipment and gradually equip your home gym. With a minimum set of necessary fitness machines you can at home without spending time and money to train no less effectively. If you have any questions, we are always happy to discuss them with our readers on the site or on social networks.

For those who want not only to become tougher, but also to get rid of extra pounds and gain muscle, we have a section on nutrition. In it, we talk about simple principles of nutrition that will not only become more attractive, but also improve health. Speaking of sports supplements, we previously discuss the issue with the doctor nutritionist. We pay more attention to the products that we have repeatedly tested.

As a result, you can gradually get acquainted with the recommendations, choose the training equipment based on your goals, start eating and training properly. This will speed up the results and avoid injury. Communication with the same as you are new to our site and social networks gives additional motivation for training.

Not very often we hold offline meetings with our subscribers and all those wishing to discuss healthy lifestyles. These events are free of charge and are announced on our website. In addition, we maintain all the popular social networks, as well as prepare videos for Youtube.