We are proud to announce the upcoming  international art fair for artists in Basel. An art event with an outstanding collection of painting, photography, sculpture, video and installations from different continents.  Nearly 30 artists have been selected for this event that without any doubt will add an element to the art panorama in Basel with its very own character.
The fair is just a few tram stops away from the main fairs in Basel
(Art Base, Scope, Liste ….)  and allow visitors to have a break in a quiet and friendly art fair, where the works are displayed with care and space and where visitors may count with a personalized trade.  The entrance is free. You may serve coffee at no costs and you may find real opportunities – with sales prices between 1000 CHF and 15.000 CHF
The names and the works of the participating artists you may find as well at
http://www.gz-basel.com/#!activities/c199t  , but it will be obvious that the most
unforgettable experience will be to visit the fair personally and see the variety of
works that have been transported from different continents specially to display at GZ-BASEL.
We welcome you all at the opening Wednesday 18 June from 18  to 21 h. with drinks, Shashimi ( by company SALMA) and a great conjunction of art works.