h2oTEKS Ltd is a family owned and operated business. We specialize in providing window cleaning and pressure washing services for commercial and residential clients. We have done so since 1996. We are a small business so most of your dealings will be directly with me, Jonathan Barrick.

Our goal has been to provide specialized and personal services to each client, treating individual home owners, store managers, or company CEO’s with the same superior service. Our experience and contacts, have enabled us to build a business that excels in organization, service, and relationships.

One way we accomplish this goal is by building lasting relationships built on value. Value to us is not by striving to offer the lowest price estimate, but by offering a fair price for work that is really worth paying for. That is true value, and what we promise to deliver to you!

Would you like to find out more about us? Just contact us.

For commercial work, we have no problem starting early. We regularly start as early as 4am, caring for restaurants or other locations that need to have services provided during specific hours. But, for your home, we will keep our working hours to something that fits your schedule.

We work year round. We all remember how bad recent winters have been, but our customers have continued to have their regularly scheduled services so that their store fronts and windows remained clean. We generally only altered our schedule during severe weather or when single digit temperatures. Our services will keep your buildings clean, and your customers will appreciate it without being disrupted.

As for our reputation, it speaks for itself. We have never lost a job because of the quality of work. To the contrary, 90% or more of our work is gained by referrals only. Over half our clients we have been working for over 10 years. Our record; A restaurant in Central Ohio, done weekly, since our beginning. That’s 19 years, just about 1,000 services, at a single location, without complaint or a desire to look for someone new. That speaks volumes!

Contact us, and let us explain how our service can be of a benefit to you.