Huanetwork.com(HongKong Kingwei Network Co., Ltd) is an independent ICT products and solutions provider for operators, internet service providers, telecom sub contractor, corporate customers and ICT companies.

Huanetwork.com has a lot of experience in Huawei FTTx, DSLAM, router, switch, security, WLAN and transport products and solutions. As many customers are a bit new to Huawei products, Huanetwork.com invested and built the industry famous Huanetwork Lab to offer remote test & practice service for worldwide customers. Now, in Huanetwork Lab, we have Huawei OLT(optical line terminal), ONT (optical network terminal), DSLAM(digital subscriber line access multiplexer), MDU(multiple dwelling unit), AC-DC Converter, X700 switch, X300 switch, AR Router, SFP module, Network Management System etc ready for test, What's more, we are offering compatible test between Huawei products and 3rd party products, like Cisco etc.