Ann Mir has used these books, audio and video techniques herself in her own journey toward higher self-esteem and she has found that she and others who have used them are able to:

Banish feelings of unworthiness
Improve their personal performance and relationships
Become successful in whatever path they choose.

The techniques that the course uses to disarm that inner critic or feelings of worthelessness are a combination of time tested wisdom found in a series of twelve classic self help manuals that are included in the course, along with audio and video reinforcement and self assessment tools. As low self esteem is a barrier between a person and her strongest desires, Ann Mir explains that using the course will in turn bring a person much closer to success in any chosen field of endeavor.

The reasonably priced full system package, which is available online via http://www.haanelmasterkeysystem.com/ begins with a free introductory video and includes additional bonuses aimed at improving prosperity. Ann Mir offers her courses with a thirty day no risk guarantee