BioCer Entwicklungs GmbH is a young and innovative company. Now on the basis of its comprehensive knowledge our developer team succeeded to provide health care with two seminal products according to the model of the nature.
With the help of a nanotechnological surface coating, implant materials are modified in a way that the medical devices grow in faster and more optimized. These biocompatible coatings are now applied for the first time to polymer meshes, which are used as soft tissue reinforcement for hernia repair. In cooperation with experts from the textile branch BioCer Entwicklungs GmbH managed to develop a medical device which fulfills together with its optimized surface all demands of a modern mesh implant.
Also the development of our innovative hemostatic powder HaemoCerĀ® was per-formed according to nature. HaemoCerĀ® consists of plant based particles with an extremely high hygroscopicity, so that the natural coagulation cascade is accelerated. Hemostasis occurs within short time and HaemoCerĀ® will be completely absorbed from the body within a few days.
With its new products BioCer Entwicklungs GmbH supports the surgeon as well as the patient in healing and restoration of the health.