Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – June 11 2011

Brisbane author and technologist Allan Phillips has launched a new website aimed at educating the consumer on technologies in their homes.  The goal is that a better educated consumer will make smarter choices, save money, and get more gratification from the technology they buy.

This information is provided by way of industry news that’s interpreted to outline the benefit to the consumer, not the industry; a monthly newsletter; summary information on a wide range of technologies; and a range of comprehensive eBooks on the key technologies that can make a home so much more livable.

The ultimate goal of the website is that by the time you have finished reading the material, you will have a good understanding of what technologies and services make an Smart Home, how they work together, what the benefits are, what type would best suit your house and lifestyle, roughly how much it will cost, and how to go about getting the most out of your system.  All this is done in a direct style and not flowery language like a sales brochure, and without too much 'tech talk".

At the launch, the site has lots of free information, a few news articles, and one in-depth eBook.  Over the next six months, we will add regular news items, a monthly newsletter, and several more detailed eBooks.

As a special for the launch of the Home Automation Explained website, the eBook title "Multiroom Audio Explained" is reduced from $29.95, to $19.95.  This special will not last long.

The author, Allan Phillips, has 21 years experience in the Home Entertainment and Automation industry.  He has a degree in Music Technology from the QLD Conservatorium of Music.  Allan's roles in the industry have covered sales, installation, project management, design, and programming.  There for his experience is all-encompassing.