Haikaa is an author and singer-songwriter whose creative work centers around the themes of diversity and multiculturalism.

Her recently published book “What is diversity?” is a graceful account on how someone who did not belong anywhere could find an internal place to call home by expanding her horizons and her notions of what she considered “normal.” Haikaa shares her experiences of growing up and living in societies with often contradicting concepts of right or wrong. She discusses issues ranging from sexuality to ethics, from beauty to consumption, from health to democracy from the perspective of diversity.

On her book, she also takes us on a musical journey by sharing stories behind her humanitarian effort “The Work of Art Global Project” where she put into practice her appreciation of diversity. With the help of a global team of over forty collaborators, Haikaa recorded her own music in more than twenty languages. Through musical and personal accounts, “What is diversity?” is above all a book that celebrates the global diversity that kindly allows each and every one of us to find a place in this world.

In addition to her book “What is Diversity?”, Haikaa has also released a full length pop album named “Work of Art”.  The album speaks about love, empowerment, the search for genuine happiness, and the courage to change and break paradigms. Pulling from her past and guided by love, Haikaa sings about her own truths and experiences in an authentic way that reveals itself through her voice, melody, and lyrics. She channels light through her timeless and refreshing music with a voice of striking purity that bares an exquisite soul.

Haikaa is also actively involved in other humanitarian projects as she views them as the perfect channel to implement her beliefs about diversity. One such project is called the PeacePage and it’s a photography page that gathers Non-Profit Organizations from all 7 continents to share photos that express “the humanity we all share”.

Haikaa channels her creativity through different mediums to express to the world her belief that “In diversity, everyone belongs.”