Hailstorm Commerce specialises in the development and management of eCommerce solutions for clients primarily in the UK and Ireland. In addition to providing the development of eCommerce websites we also manage the success of those sites online. In order to differentiate our services from competitors we offer a comprehensive suite of services all focused on developing online businesses but also integrated together to offer greater social interaction, while also increasing buyer satisfaction and enhancing the professionalism of our clients. Some key benefits of this integration would include: -

A\B Testing – Using the integration of Google Analytics, Campaign Monitor, Customised Landing Pages on Magento and Google Webmaster Tools we can redefine the way we provide content to visitors, allowing them to unconsciously choose the best layouts and designs for our clients by presenting different user bases with different webpages and emails to gather feedback on which pages have the best buying patterns and which emails generate the best click through rates and online purchases.

Email Marketing Extended to Social Media – Using the integration of Campaign Monitor, Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics we can share messages for our clients to far wider audiences than their opt-in subscriber lists. We can run promotions and special discounts to users who Tweet or Facebook our messages And run viral campaigns designed to multiply their effect.

Customer Reviews and Customer Feedback – Nearly all online purchases are preceded by some online research and users like to be sure that what they’re buying has been tried and tested by other users and that the online retailers they buy from are reliable. Using the integration of Salesforce, Magento Reviews, Google +1 and Facebook we can nourish feedback from all users to enhance online presence and replicate our message across social media networks while offering a comprehensive user support database that interactively responds to users’ needs and queries.