Modern Techniques: Follicular Unit Transplantation
Each of our hair is born and grows into a root called  hair follicle .

If we look at the surface of the scalp under a microscope, we can see that the hair naturally -of their way together in small
groups called “Follicular Units”. These groups are made up of one, two, three and rarely four
hair follicles.

In this illustration we can observe three groups of hair belonging to different follicular units. Each hair has its follicle and each follicle its own follicular unit.

Transplantation of follicular units is a technique that consists of extracting the units from one area (donor) and placing them in another (receiving area). While saying it is simple, doing so requires real skill and patience from the surgeon.

When one studies the techniques of painting of the different epochs, he enjoys much more a good painting than a person who completely ignores the art. The same happens with the technique of follicular unit transplantation: if you know the procedure, you really appreciate the work of the surgeon. In some cases, the final work looks more like a work of art than a surgical intervention.

In this type of surgery, the technique to implant the follicular units is always the same and however, the way of extracting them varies according to the possibilities of the patient and the criteria of the surgeon. So far, there are two techniques for extracting follicular units. One is called FUSS and the other WAS .