Häkk Media – pronounced [hawk] Named after Mika Häkkinen, Finnish racing driver and two-time Formula One World Champion and seven-times world champion.

Häkkinen never said much, preferring to let his driving speak for itself.  Häkk Media follows the same philosophy by focusing on effective online strategies to deliver sales results, cost-savings and proven ROI to our customers.

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We focus on utilizing the latest online marketing strategies and tools to foster relationships. We drive traffic, but also identify, target and convert anonymous web site visitors to qualified leads. Häkk Media solely believes in measurable results.

Not only do we connect, but we track and quantify.

With over a combined thirty years in strategic marketing and online lead generation, our expertise is based upon:

• Ability to analyze and understand the client’s core business needs and apply those strategies and tactics that best suit those business needs.

• Ability to be flexible and work with tight budgets.

• Proven method of measuring ROI.

• Responsive and effective account management.

Online Direct Marketing Strategy Development – Analysis of client’s marketing and sales history, target markets and current market to develop a strategic plan for development of more qualified leads.

Integrated Campaign Development and Execution – With a strategic plan in place, an integrated campaign is designed with vehicles, creative, tactics and measurement with realistic budgets.

Online Advertising – Research, analysis, rates and plans are developed and focuses on PPC, banner, ad networks, social media and other mediums.

Microsite Strategy and Development – Develop microsites to position and segmentize different target markets to reach more targeted audiences.

Search Engine Optimization – Analyze current market, web site content/coding, and develop strategic plans for optimal placement on search engines.

Online Press Releases – Develop a plan and tactics that enhance traditional public relations execution with SEO, delivery and placement, so the press release enhances placement on search engines and portals.

Link Building – Research, plan and hyperlink client’s website from third party websites to increase traffic and value, which creates awareness , adds credibility, and further search engine optimization.

Social Media Strategy, Development and Implementation – Research, analyze and build plans to communicate and develop connections with customers and prospects.

Häkk Media focuses on online technology, however, we firmly believe in integrated marketing. We provide and recommend traditional marketing services: advertising, branding, events, creative and PR.

Who We Are
Paula Michaels has been in the marketing, advertising and communications industry for the last 15 years, serving on the corporate client side as well as the agency side. She’s an excellent orchestrator between her clients and team. By listening to her clients and identifying succinctly their goals, she’s able to work with a team of online direct marketing experts and design successful lead generation programs.

Working with companies like the Home Depot, Hughes Supply and Universal Orlando as well as small businesses, she understands how important that the brand, goals and strategy have to align in order for any direct marketing campaign to be successful.

Todd Michaels has been in the advertising/marketing industry for the last 15 years and has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions and real estate groups. His vast experience in designing integrated campaigns with metrics provides the most well rounded service approach often not found in traditional marketing. Todd has six years of Direct Marketing expertise, specializing in Online Lead Generation working for Revolve Marketing and recently recruited to Marketing General Incorporated.

He’s lead some of the top timeshare companies with integrated online lead generation programs and now assists associations on maximizing online for membership recruitment. Todd is also a Direct Marketing certified professional. He not only has the experience, but the proven educational foundation how to apply DM practices to all of strategic plans and tactics. With a proven track record with the likes of Hyatt and Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas, he’s designed lead generation programs that have resulted in multi-million dollars in sales.

Additional Services
Marketing Plan Strategy and Development
Brand Strategy and Planning
Communications/PR Strategy and Planning
Affiliate Program Development
Web Site Design
Graphic Design
Event and Trade Show Planning, Promotion and Production
Direct Marketing Program Development, Production and Execution
Media Planning and Buying