Enjoy strictly selected halal ingredients cooked by top level chefs who have received strict halal instructions delivered directly to your dining table. Along with our stringent selection of ingredients, we also use fully halal kitchen and cookware. Not just the Muslim people, but anyone around the world can enjoy it as safe and secure healthy food. All of our bento containers are equipped with a heating function (no alcohol use). Just pull the string attached to bento box and you can enjoy warm bento anytime anywhere.
Furthermore, we also offer chilled/frozen bento which can be delivered to regional areas through vacuum packs. (Freshly-made bento will be delivered in all 23 districts (ku) of Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture)

By ordering bento in advance at your hotel or lodging, you can now enjoy travelling around Japan without worrying about meals, a common worry among the many Muslim visitors from the ASEAN region in recent years.