The Haley Consulting Group, LLC is a Management Consultancy that also provides Interim Management and Management Recruiting services under a consult-to-hire model. The Haley Consulting Group (HCG) staffs well vetted candidates from a proprietary database of independent consultants, the majority of which have top tier MBAs, or the equivalent, and/or top tier consulting firm experience.  This model enables HCG access to a much greater pool of talent than traditional consulting firms, allowing us to place candidates with more applicable, specialized skill sets.  Furthermore the model allows HCG to price more aggressively than traditional consulting firms because HCG does not have to pay for consultant “down time” where traditional firms must build this into their costs.  HCG also allows clients to hire the independent consultants they present thus enabling a “try before you buy” recruiting pipeline.  For more information about The Haley Consulting Group, visit their website at www.haleyconsultinggroup.com, or contact them at Info@HaleyCG.com.  
HCG has a national presence with its strongest networks in Chicago, New York, and Boston.