HalfCute has partnered with a lot of D2C brands directly to make the assortment interesting as well as covering the complete range of available chocolates. HalfCute Chocolates has both known brands like Ferrero Rochers, Cadburys etc and new brands like Rage Chocolatier, Lafolie, Toska, Twenty handmade chocolates & more coming soon.

People are looking for more variety in chocolates due to the varying taste & health preferences. HalfCute has divided it’s chocolates into multiple categories like chocolate bars, gift boxes, toffees & candies, fudge & truffles, Gift baskets, liquor chocolates, Chocolate Bouquets & more. Chocolates in HalfCute can be filtered by type of chocolate (White Chocolate, Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Couverture chocolate, Assorted Chocolates & more), origin of chocolate (India, Swedish, English, Australian, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Irish), Flavours & more.

Lastly, HalfCute is a personalisation focused marketplace. So customization is always a preference without saying which made HalfCute launch personalised chocolates with name, photo & messages. Personalised chocolates are one of the best heartfelt gifts to connect with someone on a personal note where emotions and feelings are involved.

Future of HalfCute chocolates will be on value creation by adding options like bulk buying and bundling chocolates from multiple brands. So for your next chocolate craving or requirement, visit halfcute.com to get the best chocolates possible.