MISSION: To bring a well-rounded magazine to the public that focuses on the positives rather than the negatives. HALF FULL will be featuring exclusive entertainment content, as well as accepting community reviews from fans and media partners. The publication will also provide inspiring stories from around the world about how to live your life with a “half full” attitude. Editorial content will include personal stories, short stories, recipes, blog posts, travel pieces, and user reviews of places, restaurants, movies, etc. HALF FULL will be a one-stop shop for celebrity exclusives as well as innovative pieces to motivate, inspire and entertain!

WHO: Sandy Lo, of StarShine Magazine fame and author of The “Dream Catchers” Series, will be running this initiative. Instead of trying to re-establish a brand she has not maintained for some time, Lo wanted to start fresh with a new vision, but take what she has learned and the contacts she’s made along with it.