The Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic presents a community of medical education, clinical care, and biomedical research expertise, to provide the best care to its patients. The Hallwang Clinic is an institution dedicated to innovation, determination and sophistication, to diversity and professional development.

Today’s health challenges demand 21st century solutions: Targeted and patient-focused treatment strategies. The Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic team is poised to discover, and design optimal solutions for all patients.

Cancer is characterized by abnormal cell growth with the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body. A neoplasm or also called a tumor is a group of cells that have undergone unregulated growth and may form a mass, but can also be distributed diffusely throughout the body.

Tumor cells show a number of characteristics, including abnormal cell growth and division absence of programmed cell death, high number of cell divisions, promoting of blood vessel formation, invasion of tissue and metastasis.

Important: What most patients do not know is, that when the first examination on the biopsy has been performed (to determine the tumor type), the tissue is kept and stored at the histopathology department of the hospital, where the biopsy has been performed. This stored tissue material can be used for thorough (genetic) tissue analyses and in-depth sequencing at the Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic. It is known that tumors show the accumulation of several genetic modifications, thus providing cancer cells with the selective growth advantage to initiate expansion. Now, sophisticated high-throughput technologies enable the identification of these mutated genes in cancers, leading to potent targeted immunotherapy.

It is important to know what your options are. In our experience, many laboratories offer genetic tumor analyses. But there are differences and limitations specific for every tumor analysis. When patients show their tumor analysis report to the medical team at the Hallwang Clinic, we often notice that, due to the country-specific regulations, only the markers and mutations known in the home country, are tested. This is because many drugs are not approved everywhere, or even not available in the patients country, or just available in trials. Thus not every therapeutically relevant mutation is tested. And then it can happen that patients are told by their physicians that immunotherapy does not make sense in their case, even though their tumor tissue has not been thoroughly analyzed. Often, the physicians simply do not have access to the therapies due to country-specific regulations.  So it is most important to first find a laboratory that looks for all markers and mutations, and second, to find an oncologist who is willing to work with you in the best (and targeted) way possible.

The aim of the Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic is to find the best treatment strategy for each individual, and not exclude any patient from a treatment protocol because of the factors mentioned beforehand.

At the Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic, our focus is on individualized treatment concepts for all patients, based on the specific information that we retrieve from in-depth diagnostic tumor tests. These tests provide information on surface markers and individual mutations presented by the patient’s tumor cells. Identification of these markers, mutations, translocations, amplifications, etc. allows us to specifically target them through a broad range of therapeutic options – depending on the outcome. You have to look at the tumor itself to understand what targeted treatment the patient needs. A treatment that might work for one cancer patient does not necessarily work for another patient, even though they have both the “same “ type of cancer.

Once we get to know you personally at the HPOC, we can work together on your individualized and personalized treatment strategy. You are unique, and so is your treatment. At HPOC.