Hammer Group Holdings, LLC was founded as a direct response to the increasing consolidation
of Multi-Shop Operators, as driven by the insurance industry, in light of which the need for a firm
to represent the independent shop owners has become obvious.
Our founders bring over 40 years of tenured experience, directing Hammer Group Holdings’
Northeast team of professionals. Our goal is simply to create the high valuation for our clients
that only a large group can command. We are the only national firm actively grouping collision
repair facilities for acquisition while allowing them to operate independently.
Industry Insights
Hammer Group Holdings, LLC specializes in the various fields that make up the automotive
industry. With this experience and knowledge, our team understands the unique needs of the
independent shop owner in these changing times.
Understanding Entrepreneurs
We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have extensive experience interacting with other
business owners. This provides us with insight into the unique dynamics that often
characterize such organizations and the individuals that drive them.
Our Commitment
The agreements we execute usually represent the most important events in the lives of the
shop owners and companies we advise. We have a deep appreciation for the faith that our
clients place with us and we are committed to their success.
Driven to Succeed
We are passionate about our work and strive to excel in everything we do. We are driven to
win and look to obtain for our clients the highest valuation for their business.