The idea of starting an organic cleaning business in the Hamptons NY area came from the use of safe Products for my family and my house. My partner Wendy Tarlow, was diagnosed with cancer four years ago and using regular store bought products around her was causing her much distress. My son was also becoming very sensitive to store bought products and was showing early signs of eczema and asthma so we started to research organic and green products that we could use in our own house in Sag Harbor NY.I have heard many times that you cannot get a house clean enough with Natural products. That is just not so. Actually White Vinegar is about the best item to use to clean a beautiful wood floor although some people don’t like how it smells. We have found a product Called Thieves Household Floor Cleaner that is just fantastic. It is safe for wood, animals, and children and kills germs at the same time. We have also found a whole other product line that uses Tea Tree as its base and is all-natural, No formaldehyde, No additives or fillers, smells great and really does the job. People have asked, “How do you manage to clean Glass or Stainless Steel with Natural Product?” Research!In our case, we didn’t have a choice! It was either throw my partner out of bed while she was sick and the house needed to be cleaned or make her suffer the consequences. So we experimented until we found the right products that did not add more toxicity to the environment.We found the right products. They not only smell good. They work! And My Crew and I work Hard at what we do for reasonable prices with a twist. We are a full service, organic cleaning service in the Hamptons NY based out of Sag Harbor NY that will treat you like you are staying in a five star hotel, like the Ritz Carlton, with turn down service in your own home. You name it you got it!
A little more about us: Wendy Tarlow, my partner has Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and has gotten very involved with Swim Across America since her last treatment. They have a swim out here called the Hamptons Open Swim or Hamptons Swim to Fight Cancer. Wendy decided to start a team early on called Team Tarlow. It is now called Team Tarlow and Hand because she recruited a very good friend of hers Thomas Hand who is also a cancer fighter and they have built this team to have over 60 signed up swimmers. Last year they raised 80k. Team Tarlow and Hand raised 80k!

We are green cleaning for a very real reason – health, the environment, our families, our friends, the planet, animals and You!