About Us

What are your goals? Do you want to travel, fund a grandchild’s college, or buy a new home? We want to help you achieve those goals.
At H&H Retirement Design and Management, our sole focus is you!
Our primary focus is to develop tax efficient cash flow strategies to help you achieve inflation protected income.
We are a fee-based Registered Advisory firm that is regulated by the state under the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission. Unlike a broker dealer who has a set list of preferred products, we base every recommendation on a custom personalized financial plan.
We offer fully automated financial and investment oversight using a program called eMoney. We never guess what might work in a client’s financial plan, we calculate all strategies using the eMoney program.
We are a full service company combining Financial Planning, Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Retirement Distribution Planning, Investment Risk and Fee Audit and Review, Tax Planning, and Ongoing Portfolio Management.    

It is a complex financial world and it is important to work with a financial professional with specific expertise developing plans that look at all aspects of your financial life.