Let's face it: toilets are dirty. Cleaning a dirty toilet is a dirty job and toilet brushes are disgusting. Using the toilet brush isn't really the problem. It's storing it!

Think of the material on that brush after you use it in a dirty toilet and how it accumulates even if you swish it... and how that thing just sits there in the corner of your bathroom... As if it's a clean tool to use the next time!

The Solution? Handi Sani!

The Handi Sani installs quickly and easily by clipping directly onto the side of your tank. This keeps it close and handy when you're ready to use it. No more drip trails to the old brush holder!

The refill tube from your existing toilet is used to reroute water into the Handi Sani and rinse it off. The water is then drained back into the toilet bowl, leaving your brush clean and ready to use.