Unique. Hand-Crafted. All Hand Made in Michigan. Welcome to the Hand Made in Michigan, a unique website with over 1900 plus products (and growing), all hand-made from over 150 artisans and crafts men and women from across the state of Michigan. Filled with one-of-a-kind, homespun items such as clothing, jewelry, toys, fine art, photography, bags and purses, bath and beauty, specialty foods, and so much more, Hand Made in Michigan is great place for anyone looking to find a distinctive gift or exceptional item for their home.

Having launched the website in January, 2011, owners Terry Mickelson and Andy Blanchard continue to seek out new artists and products. “We travel all over the state to craft shows, art fairs, music festivals and local community events, spreading the word about our website and why it is important to buy local”, states Mickelson. “Our mission is to bring awareness to hand made products in Michigan and to connect people to these local products.” Sales have already started pouring in from Michigan, as well as Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Washington, Tennessee and Wisconsin. “It is great to see that we are helping to keep business and sales in Michigan, but also bring it in from other states,” adds Blanchard.  

There are no fees to become a seller on the site, just simply register as a seller and upload images of your products with descriptions (detailed instructions are listed on the website) and off you go. You will then be connected to a network of artists from both your community and from around the state. There is no cost until an item is sold, at which time a 5% commission is applied, and the payment goes directly into your PayPal account. It’s as easy as that.

“Hand Made in Michigan gives people an outlet to sell their products 24/7 from the comfort of their own homes”, states Mickelson. “We wanted to provide a way to support local products made in Michigan and help bring this economy back one sale at a time”. Mickelson encourages everyone to visit the site often because new artists and products are added every day. You can also follow them on Facebook and sign up to receive their monthly newsletter.

“We are continually working on the site to make it a better place to shop, get ideas and be connected to a growing community of local artists” states Blanchard.  In the near future they hope to have instructional videos from artist on the site on how to make many of the products you see. “Not only do we want to connect people with local artists and products but also give them the tools and knowledge to create many of the products they see.”