Additionally, the more important facet of this attempt is to enable our customers and visitors understand the art and promote the same. The vision is to enhance such product sales and use the profits generated partly to better artisan's lives and make a difference to their family's well-being.

The products showcased are selected carefully from curated collections featuring beautiful and significant objects from the past and present. The curation process is highly manual and involves a lot of legwork wherein each and every artisan community is visited, the process understood and audited to bring you authentic and genuine products.

At Handworks, you can browse through and learn the process of how most of the coveted handlooms and handicrafts of India are created and the hard work that goes into actually creating each and everyone of these objects. The products range from textiles, sarees, dress materials, curios, wall decor, antiquities, jewellery, metal and woodcraft to vintage furniture and unique and handmade accessories for your living spaces.