Haney Publications is dedicated to providing authors an affordable means to promote their blockbusters.  By providing expert publishing and printing facilities which assist writers in bringing their books to their targeted markets, the company is a complex which expedites results.  The company mission is primarily educational, specifically, "Better Education Through Technique."  Jeff Haney, its founder, started the enterprise in 2008.

Located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, in the United States, it is quickly becoming a haven to new authors reaching a global market.  Its books in print are quickly becoming best-sellers.  An author himself, with several books in print, Jeff Haney is personally familiar with all aspects of publishing a book.  One of his books, "Quick to Learn Computer Basics with Big Pictures", focuses on the need of quick computer education directed to a global audience in dire need of it.   With the rapid acceleration of computer ownership and users, the need to have quick access to a means to educate new users in business and in education is profound.    Because of computerization, countries once considered to be "third world"  are suddenly emerging on the global marketplace in vast numbers with the same expertise as all other countries and competing equally.  With large numbers of workers in these computerized businesses, it is quickly becoming imperative that all workers are comfortable with computers.