Haney Truck Line is a trucking company dedicated to professionalizing the heavy haul trucking industry. We want truck drivers, customers and the public to see Haney as the trucking company most responsible for transforming trucking into a profession of the highest integrity and competence. With our All-STAR Performance Program we have given every Haney driver the ability to earn top of industry pay in a matter of months instead of years. Combining their skills and professionalism, drivers can earn more money based on their performance, ensuring the best drivers get the best pay.

Haney Truck Line is also a leader in capacity maximization with the ability to move heavier and higher cube loads than standard national carriers. Our fleet consists of 64 foot van sets, 64 foot flatbed sets and four-axle 53 foot vans with the ability to carry up to 63,000 pounds of freight. We have proven experience across multiple economic segments including paper, glass, aluminum, beverage, container, recycling and other industries. We have been selected as the core carrier or exclusive carrier for numerous accounts from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses. We focus on developing long-term relationships by providing premium service with knowledgeable people who are dedicated to total customer satisfaction.